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La Nacelle was founded in 1993 thanks to a team of child professionals who were inspired by the principles of the Maison Verte in Paris. The Maison Verte was created in 1979 by the French psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto and its aim was to improve the life of young children and their families.

Since 01 January 2019, La Nacelle has been taken over by Espace Prévention La Côte and is administratively governed by La Fondation de La Côte.

The Nacelle team follows the same guidelines, but without any psychoanalyst.
All the employees are qualified in interpersonal relationships and they are involved in the childhood and parenting field.

They are refered to as « welcomers ». La Nacelle is run by a team of about ten welcomers.

It is open three afternoons a week and two welcomers are present every time.

La Nacelle, like any of the welcoming centers, is based on a few basic principles :

  • It is a place where children and adults meet and listen to each other
  • Children come with a parent or the person who usually takes care of them and whom they trust
  • Following some social rules and respecting the boundaries
  • There is no registration : you come when you want to and leave when you wish, there is always space for those who call in
  • Only the childen’s first names and their age are written on a board upon arrival
  • La Nacelle is not a place for therapy or any treatment
  • Everything the welcomers hear at La Nacelle remains confidential

Parenting skills are learned on the job and the arrival of a child is unsettling and awakens fears and sometimes tensions.

Much is said at La Nacelle in the course of an afternoon : among other parents, drinking coffee, words flow more freely.

Conviviality helps promote exchanges and the welcomers make sure the framework and the emotional safety are respected.

When parents call in, that’s because they decided to and if they come back it is also their decision: this freedom is pleasant and the lightness that goes with it symbolizes La Nacelle well.