Why come? Testimonies


Because La Nacelle:

  • offers a place where you can share with and meet other people and where the children as well as the parents (or carers) can recharge
  • promotes listening and communicating between children and their parents because the child is considered a full person
  • prepares children and parents for future separations in an adapted environment
  • offers a safe and trusting environment for the children and their families by setting some of the rules and limits necessary for group life


« I enjoy coming because I can meet other mums and we share our experiences, which means that we can express our fears, our joys, our weaknesses, etc… »

« I enjoy watching my daughter play with other children. I can also relax“

« A pleasant place where children and parents meet in a friendly way »

« Finally a place where we can come at any time without making an appointment »

« Since I have been taking my son to La Nacelle, he has been able to stand by himself and he can change games without me or my help »

« I had the opportunity to meet other mums with whom I have kept in touch, I strongly recommend La Nacelle to you“